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Business management by a manager - Power of attorney

Power of attorney, the basis of which can be found in art. 98 et seq. Is a very broad legal solution enabling authorization of the manager to perform specific actions on behalf of the company. Authorization in the form of a power of attorney may have a very diverse scope, from general power of attorney (to all activities, without the possibility of taking actions beyond the ordinary management of the enterprise), through a power of attorney to perform specific activities, to a one-time power of attorney authorizing to perform only one task. In many situations, it will be much easier to provide the manager with proxies, but there are circumstances in which it is necessary to specify the scope of the manager's powers. So I k power of attorney, also the power of attorney cannot constitute the basis for the manager's obligation, which must be specified in the contract.

In many situations, the decision to choose the best way for a company to be represented by a manager is complicated and requires professional knowledge of both the company's needs and legal status. In such circumstances, the best option is to seek the assistance of a lawyer.