Managerial contracts

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Managerial contracts (also called a management contract, management board agreement, management board agreement or a company business agreement) constitute a very heterogeneous group of contracts in the Polish legal system, belonging to the group commonly known as unnamed contracts. They are characterized by the lack of uniform regulation in the Civil Code or other act - they are therefore particularly flexible and allow for a broad implementation of the principle of freedom of contracts during their conclusion. It is generally accepted that, when entering into a managerial contract, the person accepting the order (manager, manager) undertakes to perform, for a fee, the management board's activities of the enterprise belonging to the principal on a permanent basis - on his behalf and on his behalf.

Due to the fact that the provisions of civil law do not form the general framework of the management contract (as is the case, for example, in the case of an assignment or work contract, and is particularly evident in the employment contract), a valid management contract should be as broad as possible and specify the mutual obligations of the parties, detailed rules for the management by the manager, remuneration issues, possible bonuses, holidays etc. The lack of precise contractual regulations may significantly impede parties' assertion of their rights in the event of possible court proceedings.